Špedícia a logistika

In the field of agro commodities 3J - 3D int., s.r.o. trades mainly in corn, malting barley, rape, food wheat, feed and durum wheat, sunflower, soybeans, etc...

The company has warehouses with an area of 1500 square meters. These are dust-free warehouses, equipped with standard handling technology.

The vehicles are equipped with a satellite monitoring device with a software connection to all computers and mobile phones within the company...


základné informácie

3J-3D int., s.r.o. is one of the leading companies in the Trnava region providing complete transport and logistics services. Among the main activities of 3J-3D int., s.r.o. includes the provision of logistics services, including warehousing, international and domestic transport.

The company 3J-3D int., s.r.o. uses the latest technology in providing its service. Thanks to the comprehensive software connection of all sections of the company, including individual vehicles, through the PRYTANIS information system, our customers also have timely and accurate information about the logistics service.

The company is one of the healthy and strong companies thanks to our customers and employees who do their job responsibly.

Thanks to our existing customers, as well as newly acquired ones, we managed to renew our fleet.

In June 2013, our company underwent another significant audit and was awarded the EU ISCC certificate, which allows our company to work with customers requiring agro-commodities from sustainable sources.

This gives us a precondition for further growth.



  • Cereals

  • Oilseeds

  • Bird seeds

  • Legumes

  • Fodder